Mission Statement: The REGAL Women and ROYAL Men Internship Program seeks to provide an environment filled with opportunities to be uplifted and encouraged educationally, spiritually, and culturally for underserved Baltimore City youth by providing monthly workshops and outings that are fun, educational, and life altering.

Vision Statement: To provide Baltimore City youth with the tools to become successful and marketable towards their career desires, while also inspiring them to become entrepreneurial leaders in their communities by increasing social skills, cultivating talent, and the developing their capacity to serve others.


• Establish an internship program that facilitates adolescent development throughout middle and high school.

• Build relationships through the mentoring process that develops youth into productive citizens who add to the surrounding community.

• Cultivate life skills that will directly contribute to the growth of positive, successful, educated CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies.

REGAL- Righteous, Empowered, Gracious, Aspiring, Leading
ROYAL- Righteous, Outstanding, Young, Ambitious, Leading

REGAL Women and ROYAL Men is a free monthly internship program for 26 youth ages 11-17. ROSE, Inc. and Shiloh Christian Community Church have collaborated in an effort to produce entrepreneurs in the workforce, and leaders in our communities. We invite volunteers from our community as well as college students to join us in this endeavor. Additionally, the programs provide cultural events, such as trips to museums, plays, and sporting events for our youth. Furthermore, we provide quarterly workshops for parents in job readiness and parenting skills. We often solicit volunteer guest speakers for these workshops. We envision our young ladies to have morals, values, and manners. We aspire to help them to be confident and develop standards. Knowing that they are beautiful, intelligent, and talented, we seek to assist them in achieving their goals, dreams, and aspirations no matter what they may be. Our young women are our future. We envision our young men to have morals, values, and manners. Our boys stand out for their interesting personalities, talents, and intelligence. They are energetic, curious, and destined to achieve whatever they desire in life. Our boys are our future. Our youth embody the REGAL Women and ROYAL Men definitions. As such, we should have high standards for them, and they should have high standards for themselves. Society’s standards for our children are not enough. Society does not believe in our children as we do; therefore, we (as parents and mentors) must accept the responsibility to nurture our children in such a way that they know their worth. We must encourage them to be the men and women they were created to be, and rise over the subpar standards of society. The youth of today are bold, intelligent, and fiery. We are charged to cultivate that energy into positive actions.

This program will teach our children that no matter who is on their right or left (man or woman), in unity there is support, leadership, and achievement.

REGAL/ROYAL seeks to:

• improve cultural sensitivity,
• promote youth and young adult development,
• cultivate entrepreneurial talent, and
• develop future community leaders.


Alan-Michael Carter, Meghan Risper & Eric Jamison II (left to right)

How To Volunteer:

Become A Mentor: (Male & Female)
Executive Committee: The purpose of the Executive Committee is to provide the overall guidance and direction of all the committees. This committee is composed of all Committee chairs and the program directors. This committee is also responsible for providing a presence online and on social media, including managing correspondences on Facebook, Instagram, and other media. Finally, this committee is responsible for evaluating the program overall.
Catering Committee: The purpose of the Catering Committee is to provide ideas and input on breakfast and lunch menus. Additionally, they are to provide a budget for all meals, and seek sponsorship and donations.
Event Planning Committee: The purpose of the Event Planning Committee is to provide ideas and input on destinations that are cultural, fun, and educational in the development of our youth. This committee is to consider the curriculum topics, budget, transportation needs, season, and feasibility of potential activities.
Administrative Committee: The purpose of the Administrative Committee is to collect, manage, keep, and organize data, contacts, and other information of both a sensitive and non-sensitive nature. This committee will also be responsible for sending, receiving, and administrating written communications. This committee will assist all other committees.
Funding Committee: The responsibility of this committee is to manage and oversee the finances/fundraising efforts for the program. This committee will also assist in organizing events and other activities to generate funds to run the program.

"Every day, mentors in communities across our Nation provide crucial support and guidance to young people. Whether a day is spent helping with homework, playing catch, or just listening, these moments can have an enormous, lasting effect on a child's life."
– President Barack Obama