The mission of ROSE, Inc. is to become a resource to underserved communities by offering educational and outreach services for youth, young adults, and their families that will translate to the growth of more leaders in Baltimore City.


The Vision of ROSE, Inc. is to inspire a generation of innovative leaders that will significantly reduce the prevalence of poverty and violence in Baltimore city.

Specifically, ROSE:

• Creates programs and services that help to develop the career potential of youth,

• Provides programs and services to underserved young men and women that develop growing, knowledgeable, productive citizens of Baltimore City,

• Employs a community program model that connects volunteers and underserved populations in an effort to decrease risk factors that create conditions for unhealthy communities and increases protective factors that cultivate healthy communities by offering educational and outreach services for youth and their families, and

• Creates opportunities for the underserved that engages and adds value to their lives, through continual matriculation through our programs.


We believe there are societal standards introduced to our youth that are not acceptable, and we will teach them to rise over them. We are a community development organization that focuses on the development of youth in an effort to develop communities. We operate under the premise that if we develop our youth into productive citizens of Baltimore City, our communities will always be in great hands. As such, we have identified what we believe to be areas that, with proper attention, will alleviate the destructive habits that plague our city. These areas make up our organizational principles; each one put into action via programming and seasonal initiatives. Our principles support our belief that education and career development, community outreach, health, and citizenship are important foundations of young lives. Our principles are to:

Rise Over Education – Society does not seem to provide our children with the best opportunities to succeed educationally, as evidenced by initiatives such as ‘no child left behind’. We believe that our children are capable of achieving anything they put their minds to; therefore, we provide programs and initiatives that support education, career development, and achievement.

Rise Over Violence – Unfortunately, Baltimore has become known for violence. Furthermore, violence against young minorities is on the rise on the heels of the deadliest summer in the city’s history (2015). We firmly stand against all forms of violence, against all citizens, especially women and children. Our programs provide safe spaces for children designed to keep them away from violent activity, while also providing them with tools to manage situations that daily impact their lives. Additionally, we work with law enforcement officials to improve police-community relations.

Rise Over Poverty – Minorities in urban areas are exposed to many signs of poverty. From food deserts to vacant homes, our children are indoctrinated to see poverty as the standard for their lives. Our programs and initiatives are designed to expose our youth to the reality that they deserve more, and that we will improve our communities. Additionally, we provide opportunities for our youth to serve and assist their peers who are less fortunate than they are.

Rise Over Mental Illness – Clinical psychiatrists note that there is evidence to suggest that exercise may be an often-neglected intervention in mental health care. Aerobic exercises, including jogging, swimming, cycling, walking, gardening, and dancing, have been proved to reduce anxiety and depression by improving mood, providing distraction, increasing self-efficacy, and increasing social interaction. Psychological empowerment, the process of people, organizations, and communities taking greater control over their affairs, has been found to increase with greater levels of community participation and has positive mental health effects. Community and organizational approaches that are psychologically empowering are promising in promoting subjective well-being and objective changes. As such, we empower our youth to be change agents in their communities by involving them in community improvement themed projects that promote clean spaces and add value to our communities.

(Below are some of the programs and services we offer.)

• College Tour – we provide a glimpse of the college experience to high school freshman, sophomores, and juniors who are not traditionally able to visit colleges and universities on the east coast.

• REGAL Women and ROYAL Men Internship Program – We provide a comprehensive program for young men and women ages 11-18 centered around entrepreneurship skills, life skills, and STEM. Our program inspires youth to be STEM, entrepreneurial, and community leaders by engaging them in exciting, mentor-based activities that build STEM skills, inspire innovation, and foster life skills such as self-confidence and communication. Our youth are more likely to secure summer jobs and achieve higher grades in school, while also providing them with cultural experiences that will produce youth more likely to become leaders in their communities.

• Scholarship – We recognize the skills and talents of high school seniors accepted into colleges and universities who may not be eligible for other scholarships.

• Back to School Giveaway – We provide school supplies, free fresh produce, health information, and games in a carnival-style atmosphere that promotes community, unity, and pride in our communities. We solicit local businesses and the public to donate to our Back to School Drive (monetary or supplies) by placing bins in local businesses for customers to drop off supplies. Additionally, we host a happy hour fundraiser to engage and encourage participation.

• Warm Winter Gear Giveaway – We provide new and gently used hats, coats, scarfs, gloves, socks, and free food to men, women, and children in need in the Sandtown/Winchester neighborhoods, as well as Baltimore’s growing homeless population. We solicit local businesses and the public to donate to our Warm Winter Gear Drive (monetary or supplies) by placing bins in local businesses for customers to drop off supplies. Additionally, we host a happy hour fundraiser entitled Coats for Cocktails to engage and encourage participation. During the holiday season, we also adopt families, providing them with clothes, toys, and groceries for families in need.

Our Staff

Eric G. Jamison II, MPH, M.S., Executive Director, Co-founder

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not. – Jean-Michael Basquiat”

A graduate of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (2002), Eric G. Jamison II, MPH, M.S. has earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Chemistry and Anthropology from The Lincoln University (2006), a Master’s Degree in Applied Chemistry from Delaware State University (2008), and a Master of Public Health Degree in Behavioral and Community Health from the University of Maryland, College Park (2014). He has worked as a public servant with the Social Security Administration (SSA) for the past 7 years. Currently, he is an Assistant Manager of the Direct Service Unit in the International Benefits Office, where he supervises over 50 employees in providing excellent customer service to social security beneficiaries all over the world.

As a result of participating in community engagement activities throughout the state of Maryland, Eric’s experiences have also led him to begin to establish himself as a community leader by promoting youth education and development through Rising Over Standards and Excelling, (ROSE) Inc., a 501(c)3 organization, where he serves as the Executive Director and Co-founder. Specifically, he has spoken at high schools and universities on issues such as violence, social etiquette, leadership, unity, and decision-making. He has provided LGBT teenagers with HIV/AIDS health education and testing services as a volunteer for the STAR TRACK organization. Moreover, he has collaborated with researchers at Johns Hopkins University and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America© to develop a mentoring program curriculum for mentors of at-risk violent youth. Shortly thereafter, he developed an anti-bullying curriculum tailored to the Baltimore City Public School System.

He has had the opportunity to refine his skills, and impact the lives of youth he has encountered through mentoring initiatives that he has participated in, developed, and led. Eric has served as a mentor for middle school youth via the Higher Achievement Program over the past four years. Through his service, he has developed an affinity for advocating for justice and equality for youth. As such, he has started the REGAL Women and ROYAL Men Internship Program, servicing 26 youth in Southwest Baltimore City. Moreover, Eric has served Baltimore through ROSE’s annual ‘Back2School Drive’- providing over 800 youth in Baltimore City over a two-year period and the Warm Winter Gear drive, which has provided winter gear for over 200 families over the past two years. For his work with youth populations, he has received many awards from various institutions- most notably the Baltimore City Youth Commission’s 2015 “We Are The Dream Award” for outstanding leadership in Baltimore City. Recently, Eric volunteered his knowledge of community outreach to assist Baltimore’s local organizing committee in planning for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. In 2016, Lincoln University honored his as one of their Top 40 Alumni Under the Age of 40.

TeKesha Jamison, M.S., Assistant Director

TeKesha Jamison holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Coppin State University and a Master of Science degree in Human Service Administration from the University of Baltimore. Ms. Jamison is employed with the Maryland Division of Parole and Probation as a Field Supervisor. Through her education and career, Ms. Jamison has gained experience in case management, supervision, administration, community outreach, negotiation and conflict management and program planning implementation and evaluation. In the past Ms. Jamison has served as a liaison between Parole and Probation and the Baltimore City Police Department, by assisting with violence prevention initiatives in Baltimore City. Ms. Jamison, also has more than three years of experience working in the Baltimore City Public School System.

Lamont Conaway, Jr., Director

Lamont Conaway, Jr. is a graduate of Edmonson High school. In 1991, he enlisted in the United States Army Reserve, where he served for three years. Lamont is a dedicated father of four boys, and a coach of youth baseball and football teams. He currently works with the Baltimore City Public School System as a student support representative, where he actively supervises and counsels at-risk young men. In his spare time, Lamont currently mentors young boys, providing them with life skills and promoting positive youth development.

Board of Directors

• Tammira Lucas, MBA – Entrepreneur

• Vaughn Greene – Pastor, Gethsemane Baptist Church

• Tinika Burris – State of Maryland Parole and Probation

• Lorraine Jamison-Mackey – United States Social Security Administration


We would like to thank the creator for the honor and responsibility to serve the people of God. We would also like to acknowledge all of those who were responsible with assisting in seeing this vision come to fruition. We would especially like to thank the parents who have entrusted us with the care of their children. Speaking of the children, we honor them in their commitment to become the REGAL Women and ROYAL Men they were created to be. Additionally, we would like to honor those who have come before us who have provided the blueprint for youth development. Finally, to those who we have lost, we live for you in an effort to improve on your experiences for the betterment of the city of Baltimore.

“I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.”
– Tupac Shakur